Rates & Fees 

LittleSeeds Learning Center is a flat rate center.  Full time is more than 5 hours a day and more than 110 hours a month.  Part time is up to 5 hours a day and no more than 110 hours a month.  Morning Preschool and hourly rates are considered on a case by case and space available basis.  Please contact the Director for more information.

Whether your child attends or not, his/her spot is being reserved at the monthly tuition rate/co-pay.  We understand that children become ill or families take vacations; however, this helps ensure the best quality and consistent care for all children as well as guaranteeing our staff a full work day.  LittleSeeds is open Monday through Friday 6:00am to 6:00pm. We are closed on major holidays. 

State childcare subsidies are accepted on a space available basis.


Full Time / Part time

$ 700 / $415           per month     =    Infant

$ 625 / $370           per month     =    Toddler / Trainer

$ 575 / $340           per month    =     Pre-School / Pre-K

$ 500 / $310           per month    =     K / Elementary


Other Fees

$ 50       Annual Registration Fee ($75 family rate) Due January every year / NON-REFUNDABLE

$ 10       Late Pick-up Fee (plus $1 per minute for picking up your child after 6:00 pm)

$ 35       Late Payment Fee (tuition balance not paid by 10th of the month)

$45-$65  School Transportation Fee - to / from public school
(We will not transport for HEAD START, PLAY SCHOOL or PRESCHOOL)

$150     Holding Fee  (per month non-refundable fee securing a class position for future placement)   

Disenrollment Fee – equivalent to half of regular monthly charge if notice is less than 2 weeks.